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Hari Charana Prasad and Sukanya founded APOORVA CHITRA— in May 2006.

Apoorva Chitra is based at Hyderabad, India. Apoorva Chitra is committed to encourage innovative filmmakers and produce, finance and distribute the most original stories from the Indian subcontinent and bring them to the appreciative moviegoers of the world.

Apoorva Chitra’s mission statement is – To Produce Engaging, Entertaining and Thought Provoking films on socially relevant issues.
Shhh...Idhi chala manchi ooru !

Idhi chala manchi ooru !
Coming Soon!

Previous Project
Kamli - My Daughter

KAMLI— My Daughter

The film is a collage of memories of Kamli, who comes to demolish a hospital, and remembers how she protested here against the injustice meted out to her.

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